Slipstream is the current meta for mod management for the entirety of FTL. This powerful tool will not only allow you to easily install and configure mods, but also provides useful information for modders. The simple user interface will let you select the exact mods you want to be active during your current gameplay session. You will need Slipstream in order to install every FTL mod properly.


Due to the nature of the software, it does require an updated version of Java. You'll need to have Java 1.6 at minimum, but any later versions will be compatible.

You can download the latest version of Java here.


Once you've successfully installed the latest version of Java, download the mod. Unzip the files, and run the modman.jar file. It will find your game automatically, and allow you to start uploading your mods.

When you extracting the downloaded files, you'll find a "mods" folder. Download the mods you want, and drag their .ftl file to the inside of this folder. You may need to reboot the manager for your mods to appear in the program.

Once your mods are shown, select each mod that you want to be activated in your game once it launches. Click the Patch button to activate them. Any mods that are not selected will not be active during your game.

SlipstreamModManager_1.9.1-Unix .tar.gzDownload