Changes the default Xbox controller buttons on the UI for players using a DualShock controller.

This mod requires the use of GeDoSaTo 0.1 Alpha or higher. You can download the newest version of this program here. To install, you'll need to place the downloaded 'DarkSoulsII' folder instead of the GeDoSaTo 'textures' folder. Then, open the GeDoSaTo.ini file with a text editor of your choice and CTRL + F to find the line enableTextureOverride false. Change false to true, then save and close your text editor.

You'll now have UI buttons to match your controller! No more confusion when playing with a DualShock, because, let's be honest... this game is unplayable with the PC control scheme. Instructions also included within the README.txt file in your download.

Dark Souls II PS3 Buttons For PC.zipDownload