Have you ever wanted to stop mid-run and start another with a different ship? Using this powerful tool, you can do all that and more!  The mod is updated to work easily with the new Advanced Edition of the game. There is an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use interface to create a simple yet convenient way to manage your saves.


Using the docking and boarding system, you can stop and start your runs on various ships at any point. Select the ship you want to launch inside the editor, and click the Launch FTL button to start or resume your progress with that ship. To switch to another ship, save and exit your game, click the Refresh button inside the editor to update your save files.


Use the CargoBay interface to transfer items from one ship to another. This will work for any item in the game. Don't want to transfer the items just yet? Make use of the store option to keep them until you're ready to add them to a ship.


This tool is a standalone mod. It does not require use of a mod manager. After unpacking the files, you will be able to open the folder and run either of the files. The program automatically locates your files for you, it couldn't be simpler!

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