The 2 Easiest Bosses in Oldschool Runescape

Bossing and PvM offers some of the most lucrative content in OSRS. At a high-level with
some practice, you’ll be raking in the best cash possible. But what about if you’re a little
lower level? How do you get into bossing in OSRS, and which are the best to start with?
Let’s take a look.

For bosses, you will need some starter equipment and gear and some levels to go with. It
takes some time to develop your account ready for bossing. However, Account Kings offers
pre-made OSRS Accounts that are custom made with levels perfect for bossing. Check them

Dagannoth Rex (700K/H – 1000K/H)

It is possible to go to the Dagannoth King’s Lair and only kill Dagannoth Rex; You don’t need
to worry about the other two Kings. But what makes this more viable for lower-level bossing
is that since Dagannoth Rex has no magic defense, you can wear pretty much any armor
you like and still hit with accuracy. The typical setup for this is taking a full Guthan’s set
alongside your Trident and Occult Necklace. The hardest part of this method is getting
yourself through the Waterbirth Dungeon to reach the Dagannoth King Lair and setting up for Rex, so you’re away from the other two Kings. At lower levels, pray magic for the entirety, but you may not even need any Prayer at higher levels, and you can sit back and relax while attacking Rex. The Guthan’s is for killing Spinolyps while you wait for Rex to respawn. You’ll need no food for this, especially if using Prayer.

Vet’ion (900K/H – 1200K/H)

Vet’ion is one of the most lucrative bosses for lower leveled players in the Wilderness. To
have a fighting chance with Vet’ion we’re going to look at the Verac’s method. Due to this,
you’ll need at least 70 in your melee stats to equip the Barrow’s equipment. You’ll also need
at least 43 Prayer for the Protect From Melee. It is highly advised also to have a Salve
Amulet (e), which isn’t too difficult to obtain but will drastically increase your effectiveness
against Vet’ion. Remember, this is the Wilderness and is beyond level 30, so it’s not
advisable to wear your non-tradeable items such as Firecape or Dragon Defender as you’re
likely to lose them. The Ring of the Gods and the Dragon Pickaxe are the lucrative drops;
however, Vet’ion’s regular drops are all a good value. You’re going to want to use the dead
tree near the shortcut as your safe spot, attacking Vet’ion and then running back behind the
tree until your next attack. Make sure you kill both Hellhounds at the health stages;
otherwise, your damage won’t affect Vet’ion.

Get Bossing!

These beginner bosses allow you to gain some experience in the bossing environment at a
relatively early stage in your character progression. You’ll earn some cash along the way,
develop some necessary skills in bossing, and build yourself ready for more challenging but
more lucrative bosses later on. Rack up the money and enjoy your profits when defeating
these bosses!