Is Temtem Worth Playing? Everything You Need to Know

Temtem is a Pokemon-style MMO game released for Early Access on January 21, 2020. There’s massive hype surrounding this monster-catching, monster battling, and exploration style game. Temtem is off to a strong start with a 9/10 review score on Steam and a 7.8 user score on Metacritic. But does it live up to the hype? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Character Creation

First, you’ll be asked to a male or female character, choose your preferred skin color,  and choose one of four running styles. There are 15 different hairstyles to choose from as well as a bunch of facial and clothing customizations. Notably, you can also pick your preferred pronoun (she/her, he/him, they/them). 

The Temtems

After you’re done with character creation you’ll be asked to pick one of the three starting Temtems (monsters), Houchic, Smazee, and Crystle. Each Temtem has its own unique abilities and playstyle. Crystle is tanky with high defense stats and high HP. Smazee dominates through attack power and speed, and Houchic is focused around debuffing the enemy. In the Early Access version of the game, there are 76 Temtem to collect, but this is planned to rise to over 150 for the full release. You can collect Temtems in the wild, breed Temtems, create new unique playstyles by combining Temtem abilities, and more. 

The Currency

The currency in Temtem is called Pansun and can be gained through selling items or winning battles. Alternatively, you can buy Temtem Pansun directly online. Pansun is currently in huge demand in the game but beyond completing the main campaign, it can be difficult to get more. So, if you see Temtem Pansun for sale online, it’s a good idea to snap it up!

How Does Battling Your Temtems Work?

When you engage in a Temtem battle with another player, you each nominate two of your Temtems to battle it out for victory. Like Pokemon, the game features turn-based combat. However, unlike Pokemon, the gameplay is heavily focused on a strategic playstyle where stamina, skill, combos, and crowd control play a massive role. 

This emphasis on strategic gameplay makes Temtem different from other pet battling MMOs (or MMOs in general), where there is often a big element of chance due to the use of Random Number Generators (RNG). RNG is a common feature of MMOs, particularly for stats like critical hit chance, accuracy, and evasion. It adds an element of randomness to the game that keeps it fresh and exciting, but it can be extremely frustrating to lose a fight against a less skilled player just because the Number Gods weren’t feeling generous. Temtem is incredibly refreshing in this respect. 

The Story-Driven Campaign 

The Temtem universe isn’t just a battle monster arena simulator, but rather an open world with a story. Your Temtem tamer will progress through a story campaign, taking them to six distinct islands that have their own unique quests, story, Temtem, and landscapes. 

The MMO Aspect

You can play through the story with friends, battle other players, and chat with players. There will also be clubs and tournaments in the game. 

Is Temtem worth playing?

Yes! Temtem is a refreshing take on a much loved classic genre of game. The game is perfect for anyone who likes highly competitive skill-based gameplay and is tired of RNG. Overall the game is very polished, has a great art style, and is more fast-paced than you would expect from a game of its type.