Should you play Oldschool Runescape in 2020?

There are many MMOs and MMORPGs to choose from these days; it’s not as finite as the
scene once was. With rising stars such as Albion Online, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Black
Desert Online, and a whole host of other options, why would you play Oldschool Runescape
with its ‘inferior graphics’ and ‘outdated’ content?

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Have you played OSRS before?

If you’ve played Oldschool Runescape before, this is a substantial reason for checking it out
today. Oldschool Runescape may look like Runescape back in 2007, but in fact, after seven
years of its own development, it now has its own content, own storylines, and own areas.
This is an entirely different extension and path of Runescape and is definitely worth diving
into for the experience.

If you have not played Oldschool Runescape before, you’re not going to get that same
nostalgic hit once you open up the menu and hear the login music. It won’t be the same
experience, but it will still be an experience. You can try out what you missed back in the
day, what MMORPG’s used to look and feel like, an older style point-and-click that’s just rare
to find in today’s releases.

Do you like community?

In some ways, Oldschool Runescape is a revolution of Runescape in that their initial aim
was to avoid mistakes made in previous iterations of Runescape’s development. They have
put the community at the core. Content is player-driven, the developers and employees
stream weekly Q&A’s, all of the staff are engaging on social media and in the game itself.
The community is the center of OSRS. If you love having a community to feel a part of, feel
like you have a say in the vision and direction of the games you play, then Oldschool
Runescape could be the perfect MMORPG for you.

Are you ready for a slower pace MMORPG?

Today’s games, with a few exceptions, usually cater to the instant gratification mindset. With
power leveling, extreme experience rates, fast-paced progression, and streamlined content.
Oldschool Runescape is none of those things. You’re going to have to work for hours to level
up; there are over 100 quests to complete; there are years worth of content to explore. Two
weeks in, you’ll have barely touched the surface of what the game has to offer. Oldschool
Runescape offers a rewarding time investment based game that provides rewards only after
you’ve taken to time to work hard for it. It may seem offputting, but you’ll care much more
about your achievements, status, and progression once you get through that; Injecting care
for your character rather than just speeding through the game for instant gratification.

You have no excuse!

There’s no excuse not to try Oldschool Runescape. Staying true to its nostalgia, there is still
a hefty amount of content for free-to-play characters. You don’t have to pay a penny to try
Runescape, and there are hundreds of hours of content to complete in just the free to play
world. You can even play Oldschool Runescape on your mobile phone.

Give it a go. It’s the only way to really know if OSRS is for you!