Game Modes and Maps in Escape from Tarkov

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a soldier who is fighting for his territory and freedom? If so, Escape from Tarkov is the perfect game for you. It offers detailed gameplay with a mix of several familiar genres, including action RPG, MMO, simulation, and first-person shooter. While the role-playing genre lets you grow your character by progressing in the game, the MMO aspect will leave you in the massive world to encounter other players from across the globe. In this article, we will discuss the different maps and game modes that are currently supported in Escape from Tarkov.

Playable Modes

For now, there are four playable game modes available, and each one offers varied missions to complete. Each is different in their own way, let’s look at the specific details of each mode.


This is the games “raid” system, enabling you to use your character and equip him with the latest weaponry that you have unlocked. Once in the raid, you can easily pick up any gear from wasted players and dead AI, as well as loot from spawn locations, including: 

  • Bags
  • Safes
  • Filling Cabinets
  • Computer Tower Blocks

If the main character dies, you will lose all of your equipment or stored items. To survive longer, you need to play carefully. Try to grab better weapons when possible, and use time to kill other players from across the world.


In the raid system, you can play as a Scav (the AI-controlled Faction) with a series of gear and equipment. The said faction will start as neutral to a Scav player, but other players also can get into the raid as a Scav. 

Player Hideout

This mode involves you creating buildings and upgrading facilities in the hideout; each with unique bonuses such as being able to quickly recover and manufacture different loot and ammunition. Hideout mode grants you an ability to enhance the stash size of the player, along with the ability to produce different items.

Offline Mode

Similar to PMC mode, you can use the same maps and have access to a sandbox mode for testing your skills, including gear, loot, experience, and actions in the offline mode. In this game type, you can expand your ammo, increase or decrease speed, inflict damage on yourself, or heal yourself to survive longer. 

The following modes are available in Offline Mode:

  • Premium Mode
  • Arena Mode
  • Open World Mode
  • Story Mode 

Playable Maps With Missions

Like other massive survival and battle royale games, Escape from Tarkov launched with a series of different maps. This introduces different locations for navigation and looting gear and equipment. Each map contains different buildings and structures that require you to meet different objectives in order to advance. Some maps are locked and require EFT Roubles to unlock them. If you don’t have enough Roubles, then you can buy Escape from Tarkov Roubles from Eldorado. Below are some best playable maps in Escape from Tarkov:

  • Customs
  • Interchange
  • Shoreline 
  • Reserve
  • Woods 
  • The Lab 
  • Factory 

All mentioned maps are available to use right now, and there are some new maps planned to release soon. The name of those maps are: 

  • Town
  • Suburbs
  • Streets of Tarkov 
  • Freeroam 
  • Terminal

You can use the first-person perspective for the navigation of the map. Lots of fun-filled content is waiting to be explored. You’ll be building structures, looting gear and equipment, and defeating the opposing team!