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How to Stop Losing Your Money Buying Fortnite Accounts

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre, racing to over 100 million downloads on iOS in the first five months of its release. Since then, the game has dominated MMO gaming on multiple platforms, amassing over 250 million total Fortnite...

Game Modes and Maps in Escape from Tarkov

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a soldier who is fighting for his territory and freedom? If so, Escape from Tarkov is the perfect game for you. It offers detailed gameplay with a mix of several familiar genres, including action RPG, MMO, simulation,...

Is Temtem Worth Playing? Everything You Need to Know

Temtem is a Pokemon-style MMO game released for Early Access on January 21, 2020. There's massive hype surrounding this monster-catching, monster battling, and exploration style game. Temtem is off to a strong start with a 9/10 review score on Steam and a 7.8 user...

OSRS Chinning Guide – Fastest Range XP/HR

What is ‘Chinning’ on OSRS? Chinning on OSRS is a widely used method for training medium to high level Ranged in Runescape. Using chinchompas, which is a members-only ranged weapon, against Skeletal or Maniacal monkies can get you upwards of 300,000 - 650,000...

Prayer Bonus On OSRS – All You Need To Know

What is Prayer Bonus on OSRS? Certain gear in Oldschool Runescape gives prayer bonuses. This means that when you wear the armour or gear, per item worn you slow down the Prayer draining process by 3.33%. Of course, when fully equipped you can see these bonuses being...

OSRS Ultimate Blast Furnace Guide (Profit & EXP)

What is the Blast Furnace in OSRS? The blast furnace is an awesome members-only mini-game that takes place in Keldagrim for smelting bars. For more Smithing methods, see our 1-99 Smithing guide. One of the many cool features of this minigame is that you only use HALF...

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